MPM 3000 Screen Printer

Rapid product changeover features
3D Verification
Automatic pin placement
Vacuum stencil wiper
Variable print direction
Vision alignment

Alignment Repeatability
+/-0.0005in (0.010mm) at 6 Sigma verified with
     glass plate capability test
Alignment Accuracy: +/- 0.001in (0.025mm)
Cycle Time: < 7 sec Including Transport & Vision
Squeege speed
0.25 in/sec to 12 in/sec (6.35mm/sec x 305mm/sec)
Vision parameters
Fiducial Method: 2 to 5 models standard fiducials or pads
Fiducial Size: 0.02 in. to 0.1 in. (0.5 mm to 3 mm)
Camera System: MPM unique high speed linear drive
Fiducial Teach: Self-teach or CAD download
Board handling
Board size: Max 22 in. x 20 in. (559mm x 508 mm)
Min. 2 in. x 1 in. (50.0 mm x 50.0mm)
Thickness: 0.015 in. to 0.500 in. (0.381 to 12.7 mm)
Underside component clearance: 1 in. (2.54 cm)